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Mental Health Event – Look After Yourself and Look After Others

30th January 2020


An exclusive event to support ‘Let’s Chalk about Mental Health’

The statistics are worrying:

• In 2018, there were over 6500 deaths by suicide, even more shocking is that statistics show an 11.8% increase on the previous year.
• 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem each year
• The mental health charity MIND estimates that better mental health support can save UK businesses a staggering £26 billion every year in lost working days, staff turnover and reduced productivity

Poor mental health, the lack of strategies to help affected individuals and the still persistent stigma around how to help and deal with it makes it clear that we need to continue covering the topic on how look after ourselves and others to tackle this important topic.

Special guest speaker on the day will be Gill Hayes, suicide survivor, TEDx speaker and tireless mental health campaigner, who founded 'Let’s Chalk'. She will share her moving and inspirational story.

Dr. Vikki Barnes, Clinical Psychologist, will speak about Happiness the authentic way: Positive Psychology helps us take care of our mental wellbeing every day. Natural human traits and emotions such as gratitude, kindness, connection, awe, vulnerability and authenticity can be cultivated to improve our happiness and life satisfaction.

Carola Becker, Nutrition Coach , will introduce you to the very effective but less known benefits diet and nutrition have on mental health. Physical health and mental health are intertwined, one can’t happen without the other. Your mental health begins with your foods and your lifestyle. Learn how to make easy changes towards a more positive and meaningful life.

The format of the morning:

9:30 arrival and welcome
10:00 Gill Hayes will share her story
10:30 Dr Vikki Barnes: Happiness the authentic way
11:00 Carola Becker: The foods and lifestyle to support strong mental health
11:30 speaker panel and Q&A
12:00 wrap up and close


This event has kindly been sponsored by The Land Rover Experience Centre in Honiton.