Hanging on to that Post Holiday Glow


I love the summer holidays: the kids being off school, the change (or total lack of) routine and pace and, for us lucky ones, the chance to take a break. Time spent away from the everyday stuff can give us much needed perspective on life and it’s often at these times when we realise that we need to make a few tweaks to our lives.

As we head to the shops to buy the kids’ back-to-school supplies, return to bulging in-trays and start drawing our curtains that bit earlier in the evenings, we realise how quickly that post holiday glow is starting to wear off. Before that holiday feeling becomes a thing of the past, it’s time to start implementing those changes that we promised ourselves on that faraway beach, those changes that we know will have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

I believe the key is keeping changes simple and achievable. I’m not against grand schemes of a complete life redesign but when we aim too high it’s easy to fall at the first hurdle and abandon all plans. For me, it’s trying to reintroduce things that I know are good for my well-being and yet, in the hurlyburly of modern life, have somehow slipped from the weekly routine. Early morning yoga practice, returning to choir and dusting off my guitar are on my list. Even as I write these words, I’m wondering if I’m being over ambitious but I know that just one of those things will really positively impact on my well-being. So before that post holiday glow totally evaporates, have a think about what’s on your list.